Dr Aaron Anderson

Osteopath, Sport Scientist

Dr Aaron Anderson is an Australian trained Osteopath and Sport Scientist. He completed his studies in Australia, graduating with Distinction in Osteopathy from RMIT (2005), and Human Movement (Sport Science) from the University of Ballarat (1995). Aaron treats both adults and children. He is experienced in treating both acute and chronic sporting injuries.

“My practice is primarily hands-on. The philosophy I follow is structure influences function. I use manual medicine techniques to improve the posture and movement of my patients”.

Aaron believes in early intervention for the optimal results and works closely with athletes and patients post surgery and shortly after accidents.

Aaron has travelled extensively to further his Osteopathic education and has completed further work and study in the USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, England, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji and Canada.

In 2018 Aaron studied in Vancouver under Stuart McGill and is now McGill level 1, 2 and 3 certified. The McGill Method is considered the gold standard of back rehabilitation methodology.

A career highlight for Aaron was working within the High Performance Unit of the Australian Track Cycling team for a one year period leading up to the Rio 2016 Olympics.