Dr Jordan Moncrieff

Osteopath, DNS Practitioner

Dr Jordan Moncrieff is an Australian trained Osteopath registered with the Australian Osteopathic Association. He has a double Bachelor degree from RMIT University.

Jordan is passionate about taking adults from pain and injury to full, pain-free function, His areas of expertise are injury prevention, manual treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal issues such as neck and backpain, headaches, shoulder complaints and lower limb dysfunction.

“My approach is straight forward – first understand what’s causing the harm and stop it. We then assess what body compensations have taken place. I use Osteopathy and Movement practices to develop body awareness, ideal posture and stability. We can then use our body how we want to, rather than being limited by it.”

Jordan’s experience with working with active individuals and helping athletes achieve their goals has shown him we all have the necessary resources to achieve optimal function. A motivated client receiving accurate guidance means anything is possible.

Jordan plays VFL Football for the Casey Demons and is the co-founder and lead instructor of a successful fitness bootcamp at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.